NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 4 In the Kingdom of Fools

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 4 In the Kingdom of Fools

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 4 In the Kingdom of Fools



Question:- 1. What are the two strange things the guru and his disciple find in the Kingdom of Fools?

Answer:- The Guru and his disciple found that people in the Kingdom of Fools worked at night and slept during the day. Everything was cheap and available at the same price, that is a duddu.




Question:- 2. Why does the disciple decide to stay in the Kingdom of Fools? Is it a good idea?

Answer:- In the Kingdom of Fools, everything was very cheap. The disciple’s diet was unusual. The low-cost meals attracted him. As a result, he chose to remain in that kingdom. Staying there for a long period of time was not a good idea because one could be in danger at any time due to the unpredictable behaviour of fools there.



Question:- 3. Name all the people who are tried in the king’s court, and give the reasons for their trial.

Answer:- The owner of the house i.e. the merchant, the bricklayer, the dancing girl and the goldsmith were all tried in the king’s court. They all were tried in the court because the thief died when the wall of merchant’s house had fell on him.

The merchant was charged for building a weak wall. The bricklayer was charged for doing his work carelessly. The dancing girl was charged  for disturbing the concentration of the bricklayer. The goldsmith was charged for making the dancing girl walk up and down to his house a dozen times.



Question:- 4. Who is the real culprit according to the king? Why does he escape punishment?

Answer:- The merchant’s dead father was blamed for making the wall weak. Despite the fact that the merchant’s father was to blame, the merchant was made responsible because the merchant’s father was already dead and someone had to pay for the crime. He is spared execution because he was too skinny to fit the stake.



Question:- 5. What are the Guru’s words of wisdom? When does the disciple remember them?

Answer:- “This is a city of fools,” the Guru wisely observed. You have no idea what they’ll do next.” When the disciple is sentenced to death without having committed any crime, he recalls them.



Question:- 6. How does the guru manage to save his disciple’s life?

Answer:- A strategy was designed by the guru. He and his disciple both told the king that they wanted to be the first to die. It was because whomever died first would be crowned as king in the next life. The king didn’t want to be loose his throne. As a result, he and his minister died at the stake.  By deceiving the king, the guru saved his disciple.