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single word preposition
multiple word prepositions


OnTo denote days of the weekon Friday
inTo denote  months / seasonsin january / in winter
To denote  time of dayin the morning
To denote  yearin 2009
After a certain period of time (when?)in a week
atfor nightat night
for weekendat the weekend
a certain point of time (when?)at 15 minutes past six
since(past till now) from a certain point of time since 1994
for (past till now) over a certain period of timefor 20 years
agoa certain time in the past5 years ago
beforeearlier than a certain or fixed point of timebefore 2009
totelling the timeten to seven (6:50)
pasttelling the timeten past nine (9:10)
to / till / untilto mark the beginning and end of a period of timefrom tuesday to/till Friday
till / untilin the sense of how long is something  going to lastHe is on holiday until fifteen.
byin the sense of at the latestI will be back by 9 o’clock.
up to a certain timeBy 10 o’clock, I had read 8 pages.


intown, country, room, building, street, in the dinning room, in Delhi
paper, book, the book
taxi, car. in the car, in a taxi
 world, the picture, in the world
atwith next to, by an objectat the door, at the station
with tableat the table
with eventsat a concert, at the party
place where you are to do something special or typical (watch a film, study, work)at the cinema, at school, at work
onattachedthe picture on the wall
a place with a riverVaranasi lies on the Ganga.
being on a surfaceon the table
for a certain/fixed side (left, right)on the left
with a floor in a houseon the first floor
with public transporton the bus, on a plane
with television, radioon TV, on the radio
by, next to, besideleft or right of something or somebodyJaya is standing by / next to / beside the car.
underwith on the ground, lower than something else (or covered by)the baby is under the cot.
belowlower than something else but above the groundthe swimmers are below the surface
overcovered by somethingput a jacket over your top.
meaning more than a certain numberover 21 years of age
getting to the other side or acrossover the bridge
for overcoming an obstacleover the wall
abovehigher than something, but not directly over it.a road above the lake
acrossgetting to the other side or  overacross the bridge
getting to the other sideacross the lake
throughsomething with limits on bottom, top, and the sidesthrough the tunnel
tomovement to person or a buildinggo to the cinema hall
movement to a place or countrygo to Mumbai/ Madras
for bedgo to bed
intoenter a room / a buildinggo into the bedroom / the president house.
towardsmovement in the direction of something but not directly to it80 steps towards the home.
ontomovement to the top of somethingjump onto the cot.
fromin the sense of where froma pen from the shop

Other Prepositions

fromwith who gave ita present from Radha
ofwho or what does it belong toa book of the Library
with what does it showthe snapshot of a town
bywho made ita book by Kalidas
onwalking or riding horseon foot, on horseback
entering into a public transport vehicleget on the bus
inentering a car or Taxiget in the car
offleaving a public transport or vehicleget off the meteo
out ofleaving a car or Taxiget out of the car/taxi
byrise or fall of thingprices have risen by 200 percent
travelling (other than walking or horseriding)by car, by bus
atfor ageshe learned Sanskrit at 5
aboutfor topics, meaning what aboutwe were talking about him

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