Definition|Meaning of adjective :- An adjective modifies, qualifies or describes a noun or pronoun.

  • Green, quick, Slow, happy, sad, confused, and obnoxious etc….

For example :

  1. Pankaj is a smart boy
  2. She is a naughty girl.
  3. The weather is pleasant.
  4. Each candidate is honest. 

Types/ Kinds of Adjectives with examples

There are Eight types of adjectives:-

  • Adjective of quality
  • Proper Adjective
  • Adjective of Quantity
  • Adjective of Number
  • Demonstrative Adjective
  • Distributive Adjective
  • Interrogative Adjective
  • Possessive Adjective


Adjective of quality

  • Adjectives that show the quality or kind of persons or things, e.g. An honest man.

Adjective of quality can further be divided into two ways :-

a.) Attributive use:- When an adjective is used before noun in a sentence, it is said to be used attributively.

E.g. Akhbar was a great king.

Here Great is used before the noun (King), so it is attributive.

b.) Predicative use:- When an adjective is used after verb in a sentence, it is said to be used predictively.

E.g. The dish is sweet.

Here sweet is used after the verb (is), so it is predicative.

Proper Adjective

  • An adjective which is formed from a proper noun is called Proper adjective.

For Example:-

  • Pankaj is Sachin Tendulkar of his team.
  • Buddhist monastery, British rule.


Adjective of Quantity

  • An adjective that shows how much of a thing is meant is called Adjective of Quantity.

For Example:-

  • There is some milk in the jar.
  • I have enough money to start my business.
  • He has sufficient knowledge for the project.

Adjective of Number

  • An adjective that shows how many persons or things are meant or in what order a person or thing stands are called adjective of numbers.

Adjective of Numbers are of two type:-

1. Definite Adjective

2. Indefinite Adjective

  • a. Cardinal Adjective
  • b. Ordinal Adjective

Definite :- It denotes an exact number.

e.g. Five girls, Seventh Class.

Indefinite :- It does not denote an exact number. 

e.g. Few pens, several players.


a.) Cardinal Adjective:- Definite  numbers like one, two, three, fooour are cardinal adjectives.

b.) Ordinal Adjective :- Definite order like first, second, last are ordinal adjectives.

Demonstrative Adjective

  • The adjective that point out which person or thing is meant is called Demonstrative adjective.

For Example:-

  • This girl is good.
  • That bok is new.
  • These dresses are red.

Distributive Adjective

  • The adjective which refers to each one of the number is known as distributive adjective.

For Example:-

  • Each candidates is honest.
  • Every girl is present today.
  • Each boy took the test.

Interrogative Adjective

  • What, which and whose are interrogative adjectives when they are used with a noun.

For Example:-

  • What colour is your school uniform?
  • Which room is hers?
  • Whose pen is this?

Possessive Adjective

  • The adjective that shows possession is called possessive adjective.

For Example:-

  • My book is interesting.
  • This is her class.
  • Your sister is adorable.

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