Write A Letter To Your Father For Money

B 250/1-A, Dwarka Sector 1

Delhi – 59

Date: 13th June 2022


Dear Dad,


I received the letter regarding my academic performance that you sent. I’ve been doing exceptionally well in college. I hope everything is going well at home.


Since the semester is over and the new classes have begun, I’ve spent all of my money on the readmission procedure. I’ve spoken to a neighboring local seller, requesting that he locate some used books for this semester, which will arrive by the end of the month. The seller has requested a Rs. 5000/- advance payment, which is why I am writing to you. I will pay the remaining Rs. 2000/-from my stipend money, but I would appreciate it if you could send it to me as soon as possible so that I may complete the payment.


Do not be concerned about me. I’m doing pretty well and want to return home in the next several months. Accept my request and tell Mom how much I love her. Take care of yourself as well as mother.


Yours affectionately,

Pratima Tiwari

Write A Letter To Your Father For Money