What is Homophones


 Homophones :-Two or more words having different spellings and meaning but are similar in pronunciation are called homophones.

Some most common and Important Homophones

1abrakeब्रेकHe should not brake the car.
 bbreakटूटनाDon’t Break the rules?
2acellसेलThe cell is the basic structural and functional unit of life.
 bsellबेचनाShe sells flowers.
3acentशत100th part of a thing is called cent.
 bcentसेंट100 cents equals 1 dollar.
 cscentखुशबूThe scent of Rose is sweet.
4adieमर जाओI should die of happiness.
 bdyeडाईDye are used to colour cloth.
5aflourआटाFlour is the main ingredient in this recipe.
 bflowerफूलWhich is Your Favourite Flower?
6aforके लियेI bought this For you.
 bfourचारThere were Four sons of Darshrath.
7ahealचंगा करनाOnly She can heal his wounds.
 bheelएड़ीMy heels are hurting.
8ahearसुनोTry to hear the voice of rain.
 bhereयहाँShyam is not coming here, nowadays.
9ahourघंटाThere are 24 hour in day.
 bourहमारीWe have done our work.
10aidleबेकारDon’t sit Idle.
 bidolमूर्तिThe idol of Lord Rama is Adorable.
11aknightशूरवीरYou were my knight in shining armor.
 bnightरातYesterday night was terrific.
12aknotगाँठTie the knot right here.
 bnotनहींShe is not Impressed with me.
13apoorगरीबAkram is a poor boy.
 bpourडालनाPour some milk into my tea.
14arightसहीYou are right about him.
 bwriteलिखोWe write blog on daily basis.
15aseaसमुद्रThe sea view from the balcony is outstanding.
 bseeले देखI can’t see anything.
16asoleएकमात्रShe became the sole heir of the Property.
 bsoulअन्त: मनI will obey my soul.
17asonबेटाShravan was a obedient son.
 bsunरविSun is the centre of universe.
18astealचोरी करनाPuspa and deepika steal the money.
 bsteelस्टीलThe trophy was made up of steel.
19atailपूँछCow has a tail.
 btaleकहानीMy granny used to tell us tale.
20aweatherमौसमThe weather of Manali was very cold. 
 bwhetherकि क्याI can’t tell whether she likes me or not.
21aacceptस्वीकार करते हैंDo you accept credit card.
 bexceptके सिवायEveryone can join me except you.
22aaffectप्रभावित करते हैंPoverty can affect anyone.
 beffectप्रभावThe effect of the medicines on her illness was surprisingly fast.
23acomplimentतारीफ करनाThey paid him Hai compliment.
 bcomplementपूरक हैंA complement is a word or a group of word that completes the predicate in a sentence.
24athenतब फिरFirst think and then speak.
 bthanसे अधिक हैDeepika is clever than Shiv.
25atoसेवा मेरेI shook my head to clear it.
 btooभीHe is too tired to do this.
 ctwoदोWe have two pigeons in our cage.
26abyeअलविदाShe says bye and then lives.
 bbyद्वारा द्वाराI will go there by car.
 cbuyखरीदते हैंYou will buy me new dress today.
27ablewउड़ा दियाShiv wiped her eyes and blew her nose.
 bblueनीलाThe colour of a rock was blue.
28ayou’reतुम होYou’re there for my help.
 byourतेरे बI guess this is your computer.
29aheirवारिसHe was the only heir of the property.
 bairवायुProvide some space for the air.
30abearभालूI saw a bear in the forest.
 bbareनंगेRadhika went to temple bare-footed.
31aTheirजो अपनेTheir house was so beautiful.
 bthereवहाँShe doesn’t will to go there.
 cthey’reवेThey’re not helping anyone.
32aFairमेलाPooja and Pankaj went to the fair.
 bFareकिरायाThe fare from India Gate to Red Fort was rupees 800 via cab.
33aprayप्रार्थनाMy mom pray for me every morning. 
 bpreyशिकार करनाThe deer is going to be the prey of the king of the Jungle. 
34awho’sकौन हैWho’s there on the door? 
 bwhoseकिसकाWhose book is this? 
35aoneएकShe is one of my clients. 
 bwonजीत लियाIndia won the test series against Australia. 
36aknowजाननाWho know the truth? 
 bnoनहीं नI have no pen. 
37ameatमांसAbhay is eating meat nowadays. 
 bmeetमिलते हैंIt was nice to meet you. 
38aitsआईटी इसWe watch a bird feed its little ones. 
 bit’sआईटी इसIt’s going to be fabulous night.
39aAltarवेदीCandles were lit on the golden altar.

बदल रहा है

An old dog can not alter its way of barking.
40aBerthबर्थEach passenger slapped on the berth allotted to him.
 bBirthजन्मShe gave birth to twins.
41aCastडालनाHow many votes were cast.
 bCasteजातिRahul belongs from lower caste.
42aDaysदिनHow many days are there in a week.
 bDazeटकटकी लगानाI was in daze.
43aEarnकमाते हैंI earn $5000 in a week.
 bUrnउरSapna has a white urn.
44aIdleनिष्क्रिय होनाShe has been idle too long.
 bIdolमूर्तिDeepika is the idol of countless teenagers.
45aHolyपवित्रRamayan and Geeta are our holy books.
 bWhollyपूरी तरह सेPratima was wholly  unprepared for what she saw.
46aHewकुल्हाड़ी से काटनाCarpenters hew the wood into fine furniture.


Add Orange paint to get a warmer hue.
47aGateद्वारThe gate was Wide open.
 bGaitचालShe walked with an awkward Gait, like a deer.
48aFinedजुर्माना लगायाPrincipal find me with rupees 10 for coming late.
 bFindका पता लगाएंI searched everywhere but I didn’t find my Watch.
49aDyeडाईYou can dye this faded cloth.
 bDieमर जाते हैंIt’s better to die than to live in regret.
50aWeekसप्ताहHow many days are there in a week?
 bWeakकमजोरYou are too weak to walk.
51aSealingसील करनाShe used the wax for sealing the letter.
 bCeilingअधिकतम सीमाThe ceiling of your room is very attractive.
52aCaratकैरेटMy husband will buy me a necklace of 24 carat gold.
 bCarrotगाजरI like carrot pudding.

पता था

I knew it.


Your new dress is really very good.
54aBeatहरानाOur country beat Australia by 2 runs.
 bBeetचुकंदरI like beet juice.
55aBannedपर प्रतिबंध लगा दियाGovernment has banned polythene.
 bBandबैंडThere was noise of Band.
56aBaronबैरनHenry Ford was a automobile Baron. 
 bBarrenबांझThe Barren land was very hot.
57aAteखायाI didn’t ate anything.
 bEightआठThere were eight friends in my group.
58aExcessअधिकThe excess of anything is not good.
 bAccessपहुंचWe do not have access to your account.
59aAscentचढ़ाईThat was the sole way of doing this.
 bAssentआश्वासन दियाMy soul is not letting me do this.
60aSoleएकमात्रI saw this ad on television thrice in a day.
 bSoulअन्त: मनAdd some sugar to the coffee.
61aAdविज्ञापनPlease Give vivaan a big ball of red colour.
 bAddजोड़ेंAll she does is bawl.
62aBallगेंदThey caret the old dogs.
 bBawlचिल्लानाPlease bring carrot pudding for me.
63aCaretदेखभाल करने वालाMy phone is dual sim.
 bCarrotगाजरThe two men fought a duel over the lady.
64aDualदोहरीWe have to eye.
 bDuelद्वंद्वI love dogs.
65aEyeआँखAll bird flew to their nest.
 bIमैंShe got bird flu.
66aFlewउड़ गएGorilla is a type of monkey.
 bFluफ्लूPankaj was a successful leader in Guerilla force.
67aGorillaगोरिल्लाI have been waiting here since last 10 hours.
 bGuerrillaगुरिल्लाWe have already made our decision.
68aHourघंटाShe knew it.
 bOurहमारीYou are going to buy a new dress for her.
69aKnewजानता थाPlease mail the details to me as soon as possible.
 bNewनयाHe is the only male member of the group.
70aMailमेल करेंMy knees are paining
 bMaleनरYour niece is very pretty.


It’s overdo of her mischievousness. 
 bNieceभांजीRadhika has many overdue bills. 
72aOverdoअतिI am dying with the pain. 
 bOverdueओवरड्यूShe smashed a pane. 
73aPainदर्दDeepika does not like plain food. 
 bPaneफलकWe are going to Lucknow via plane. 
74aPlainसादाMilkha Singh was a real life Hero. 
 bPlaneविमानThe camera has no reel. 
75aRealअसलीI bought this dress from a sale. 
 bReelरीलThe wind ripped the sail. 


Maximum animal have a tail. 


She told us the tale of her last night. 
77aTailपूंछFarmers hard work do not go in vain. 
 bTaleकहानीA motor will be used to make a weather vane. 
78aVainव्यर्थI walk daily in evening and in morning. 
 bVaneवायुगति दर्शन यन्त्रHe was a wolk giant. 
79aWalkटहल लोYou’re most welcome here. 
 bWolkवोकलI didn’t liked your way of saying that.
80aYou’reतुम हो 

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