Singular Plural

Defination of Singular Noun / Meaning of Singular Noun

Singular Nouns :- Nouns that represents one person, one place, or one thing are called Singular Nouns.

For Example:-

Boy, Girl, Kite, Book, Chair, Computer, Lion, Etc.

Defination of Plural Noun / Meaning of Plural Noun

Plural Nouns :- Nouns that represents more than one persons, places, or things are called Plural Nouns.

For Example:-

Boys, Girls, Kites, Books, Chairs, Computers, Lions, Etc.

Rule of Changing Singular Into Plural Noun

Rule 1 :-

There are many nouns in english language which can be simply converted into Plural from its singular form by just adding  a single “s” at the end of it.

Rule 2 :-

The nouns which are ending with s, ss, ch, sh, z, x requires to add  “es”  at the end to form Plural from its singular.

Rule 3 :-

The Nouns that ends with “O” requires  to add “es”  at the end to form Plural from its Singular.

Rule 4 :-

Nouns ending with Double Vowels are made Plural by adding  s” at the end of it.

Rule 5 :-

The Nouns that has “Y” in the end and have Consonant Preceeding are made Plural by Removing “Y” & adding “ies”.

Rule 6 :-

The Nouns that has “Y” in the end and have Vowels Preceeding are made Plural by adding “s”.

Rule 7 :-

Nouns having f/fe at the end requires to replace f/fe with “ves”.

Rule 8 :-

Nouns that has double O ( “oo” ) in its spelling are Replaced with “ee” to Form Plural.

Rule 9 :-

Compound Nouns are made Plural  by adding “S” to the main words                                            

Rule 10:-

Change inner vowel to make its Plural.

Rule 11:-

Few noun requires “en” at the end to change them into Plural.

Rule 12:-

Few nouns have two Plural Forms and both of them have different meaning.

Rule of Changing Singular Noun into Plural Noun

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