Sentence Definition and Types

Sentence Definition and Types

Meaning or Definition of Sentence:  A Group of words that makes a complete sense is called sentence

In other words a group of words, generally containing a verb, that expresses a thought or state a statement, ask a question, give instruction, or exclamation and its starts with a capital letter when written.

Sentence Definition and Types are given below:-

There are five types of English sentence

  1. Assertive or Declarative sentence (statement)
  2. Interrogative sentence (question)
  3. Imperative sentence (command)
  4. Exclamative sentence (exclamation)
  5. Optative sentence (Wish)

1. Assertive or Declarative sentence

Assertive or Declarative sentence make a statement.

Assertive sentence are those sentence which states or say something about the subject. It gives us information, and is normally end with a full-stop.

2. Interrogative sentence

Interrogative sentences are those sentences which ask questions.

It asks us something, it wants information, and it always ends with a question mark.

3. Imperative sentence

Imperative sentences are those sentences which contain an order or command.

It tells us to do something, and it ends with a full-stop(.) or exclamation mark (!).

4. Exclamative sentence

Exclamatory sentences are those sentences which contain a strong and a sudden feeling.

Exclamative sentences express strong emotion, feeling, surprise, an exclamation, and they always end with an exclamatory mark (!).

5. Optative sentence

Optative sentence are the sentences which expresses a prayer, keen wish, curse etc.

It generally starts with ‘may’ and ‘wish’. Sometimes, ‘may’ remains hidden in this kind of sentences.

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