One Word Substitution English

One Word Substitution English

1.A medicine that destroys bacteria.
Ans. Antibiotics.

2.A person who loves book.
Ans. Bibliophile.

3.The life history of a person written by another .
Ans. Biography.

4.A man who eats human flesh.
Ans. Cannibal.

5.An animal that eat flesh of other animals.
Ans. Carnivore

6.A ruler with absolute powers.
Ans. Despot.

7.A thing that is fit to be eaten.
Ans. Edible.

8.A person who leaves the country to settle in another.
Ans. Emigrant.

9.A person who has female qualities.
Ans. Effeminate.

10.A long poem based on a noble qualities.
Ans. Epic.

11.A person filled with excessive religious sentiments.
Ans. Fanatic.

12 A group of stars in the sky.
Ans. Galaxy.

13 . The killing of human beings.
Ans. Homicide.

14. The killing of a particular race.
Ans. Genocide.

15 . A post for which no salary is paid.
Ans. Honorary.

One Word Substitution English