NCERT Solutions for class 6 Geography Chapter 7 Our Country India

NCERT Solutions for class 6 Geography Chapter 7 Our Country India

NCERT Solutions for class 6 Geography Chapter 7 Our Country India


Question 1. Answer the following questions briefly.

(a) Name the major physical divisions of India.

Answer:- (a) The major physical divisions of India are following:-

  1. The Himalayas
  2. The Northern Indian Plains
  3. The Peninsular Plateau
  4. The Coastal Plains
  5. The Islands


(b) India shares its land boundaries with seven countries. Name them.

Answer:- The names of the 7 countries with which India shares its land boundaries are following:-

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Pakistan
  3. Nepal
  4. Bhutan
  5. Bangladesh
  6. China
  7. Myanmar


(c) Which two major rivers fall into the Arabian Sea?

Answer:- The two major rivers that fall into the Arabian Sea are Narmada and Tapi.


(d) Name the delta formed by the Ganga and the Brahmaputra.

Answer:- The Sunderban delta is formed by the Ganga Brahmaputra river.


(e) How many States and Union Territories are there in India? Which states have a common capital?

Answer:- There are 29 states and 9 Union Territories in India. Haryana and Punjab have the same capital.


(f) Why do a large number of people live in the Northern plains?

Answer:- A large number of people live in the Northern Plains because here the river plains provide fertile land for cultivation.


(g) Why is Lakshadweep known as a coral island?

Answer:- Lakshadweep is called a coral island because it has been formed from corals.


Question 2. Tick the correct answers.

(a) The southernmost Himalayas are known as

(i) Shiwaliks (ii) Himadri (iii) Himachal

Answer:- (i) Shiwaliks


(b) Sahyadris is also known as

(i) Aravali (ii) Western Ghats (iii) Himadri

Answer:- (ii) Western Ghats


(c) The Palk Strait lies between the countries

(i) Sri Lanka and Maldives

(ii) India and Sri Lanka

(iii) India and Maldives

Answer:- (ii) India and Sri Lanka


(d) The Indian islands in the Arabian Sea are known as

(i) Andaman and Nicobar Islands

(ii) Lakshadweep Islands

(iii) Maldives

Answer:- (ii) Lakshadweep Islands


(e) The oldest mountain range in India is the

(i) Aravali hills (ii) Western ghats (iii) Himalayas

Answer:- (i) Aravali hills


Question 3. Fill in the blanks.

(a) India has an area of about ________________.

(b) The Greater Himalayas are also known as_________________.

(c) The largest state in India in terms of area is__________________.

(d) The river Narmada falls into the __________________ sea.

(e) The latitude that runs almost halfway through India is __________________.

Answer:- (a) 3.28 million sq. km

(b) Himadri

(c) Rajasthan

(d) Arabian

(e) The Tropic of Cancer.