NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling Match

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling Match

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling Match



Question:- 1. What was Vijay Singh’s weakness? Which awkward situation did it push him into?

Answer:- Vijay Singh’s flaw was his fondness for boasting. Because of this flaw, he found himself alone in the Haunted Desert at night, hoping to meet a ghost.



Question:- 2. Was the old woman’s gift to Vijay Singh eccentric? Why?

Answer:- Because the elderly woman’s present to Vijay Singh consisted solely of a lump of salt and an egg, it was eccentric or odd. Both of these were insufficient for a journey through the desert.



Question:- 3. Why did Vijay Singh ask the ghost disguised as Natwar to come closer?

Answer:- Because he had discovered that the spirit disguised as Natwar was not his friend, Vijay Singh asked him to come closer. He wanted a better look at the ghost, and he wanted to size up his opponent like any good wrestler.



Question:- 4. What made the ghost speechless? Why?

Answer:- Vijay Singh had called the ghost a “plain, lying ghost,” which rendered him speechless. Vijay Singh had insulted the ghost, who was used to people pulling away in terror when they met him.



Question:- 5. Why did Vijay Singh say “Appearances can be deceptive”?

Answer:- “Appearances can be deceiving,” Vijay Singh remarked, because he and the ghost were both trying to be someone else. The ghost pretended to be Natwar Singh, and Vijay Singh pretended to be a brave and daring wrestler.




Question:- 1. How did Vijay Singh use the egg? How did he use the lump of salt?

Answer:- The ghost was challenged by Vijay Singh to squeeze a piece of rock. Despite his best efforts, the ghost was unable to crush the rock. The darkness was used to Vijay Singh’s advantage. He removed the egg from his pocket and placed it on the table. He took the rock and the egg, pressed the egg, and declared triumph. He picked up another rock the next time and gave it to the ghost to crush. The spirit attempted yet again, but in vain, to shatter the stone. Meanwhile, Vijay Singh took a lump of salt from his pocket and effortlessly crushed it. He was triumphant again again this time. He was able to outwit the ghost by using the egg and the lump of salt.



Question:- 2. Why did Vijay Singh conclude that the ghost would not be a worthy opponent to him? Was he fair in his judgement?

Answer:- Vijay Singh lied about his victory over the ghost. On both occasions, he gave the ghost a piece of rock. The ghost was unable to crush them, but Vijay Singh was successful in using the salt and the egg. In this way, he unfairly exposed the ghost as a weakling.



Question:- 3. Why did Vijay Singh ask the ghost to accompany him to town next day?

Answer:- To impress his people, Vijay Singh planned to bring the ghost to his town. He intended to present the ghost as his prisoner there.



Question:- 4. What made the ghost believe Vijay Singh was dead?

Answer:- Vijay Singh deduced the ghost’s scheme. He got out of bed and replaced himself with a round cushion. With his mace or hefty staff, the ghost whacked the bolster hard. He assumed that Vijay Singh was dead because he didn’t hear any groans.



Question:- 5. Vijay Singh complained of insects in the cave. What was he referring to, and why?

Answer:- Insects were a problem for Vijay Singh in the cave. In reality, he was alluding to the ghost. He likened the ghost to an obnoxious, weakling fly.



Question:- 6. Was it really a ghost who Vijay Singh befooled? Who do you think it was?

Answer:- The narrative of a ghost and Vijay Singh putting their strength to the test cannot be factual or credible. Nobody can perceive a ghost dressed as a person. It doesn’t reside in a cave or a house. It doesn’t amass money. It does not panic or flee in terror. The ghost in the stoiy was nothing more than a dacoit who used to loot and slay the wealthy.