NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 6 The Browning Version

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 6 The Browning Version


Understanding the text

Question:- 1. Comment on the attitude shown by Taplow towards Crocker-Harris.

Answer:- Mr. Crocker-Harris is respected by Taplow, who admires him for his values. He criticises him for being emotionless, yet he admires him as a great master. He is terrified of him and will not cut the extra work, even if it is the last day of the semester.


Question:- 2. Does Frank seem to encourage Taplow’s comments on CrockerHarris?

Answer:- Yes, Frank appears to encourage Taplow’s comments on Crocker-Harris. He compliments Taplow on his Mr Crocker-Harris impersonation and requests that he repeat it. Frank tells Taplow on several occasions not to keep a good joke to himself (narrated in the style of Mr Crocker Harris), but to tell it to others.


Question:- 3. What do you gather about Crocker-Harris from the play?

Answer:- Mr Crocker-Harris appears to be a stem master with strong morals and a strict adherence to the regulations. He believes in objective evaluation of his students and is unaffected by emotions, as he is not human. He is not a sadist, but he is meticulous in his work. Even on his last day of school, when he is preoccupied with his own concerns, he does not forget about his responsibilities to his kids.



Talking about the text

Discuss with your partners

Question:- 1. Talking about teachers among friends.

Answer:- The majority of students make comments on their teachers. Students are intelligent individuals who are great observers. Teachers serve as role models for pupils, and they are judged not only on their topic knowledge, but also on their teaching methods, communication skills, interaction with students, and overall personality and behaviour. Teachers should not be upset by the nicknames bestowed upon them by their adoring students. Teachers may mistakenly believe that the boys are illiterate, although this is incorrect. Students’ favourite hobby is talking about professors with their buddies. They extol their qualities while condemning their flaws. If they are men of principles, even strict people can acquire the affection and admiration of students.


Question:- 2. The manner you adopt when you talk about a teacher to other teachers.

Answer:- When discussing a teacher with other teachers, we should be respectful and courteous.

We should add ‘Mr’, ‘Miss,’ or ‘Mrs’ before the teacher’s name and use his or her entire name as a matter of courtesy. A teacher should never be referred to by the nickname that has been given to him or her. To put it another way, we should take a more formal approach. Even if the person being discussed lacks some of the qualities you value most, a teacher’s dignity should not be undermined in front of another. Our comments should never be disparaging or impolite. It is impolite to put our instructors down, especially if it is done in front of other teachers. Our actions, as well as our words, are used to judge us. Because of a lapse on our side, the other teachers may acquire a very negative and unfavourable opinion of us. As a result, we must exercise particular caution when interacting with our lecturers.


Question:- 3. Reading plays is more interesting than studying science.

Answer:-  Reading plays is undeniably more engaging than studying science since it stimulates our imagination and gives us with insights into human life and behaviour. It has good language that aids in the development of our linguistic abilities. It is a source of enjoyment and entertainment. Reading science has its own set of advantages. It educates us and instils in us a modern mindset. The practical work we undertake in the lab is equally useful in everyday life. Science allows us to grow in the future.



Working with words

A sadist is a person who gets pleasure out of giving pain to others. Given below are some dictionary definitions of certain kinds of persons.

Question:- Find out the words that fit these descriptions.

  1. A person who considers it very important that things should be correct or genuine e.g. in the use of language or in the arts: P…
  2. A person who believes that war and violence are wrong and will not fight in a war: P…
  3. A person who believes that nothing really exists: N…
  4. A person who is always hopeful and expects the best in all things: O…
  5. A person who follows generally accepted norms of behaviour: C…
  6. A person who believes that material possessions are all that matter in life: M…

Answer:- 1. Perfectionist

  1. Pacifist
  2. Nihilist
  3. Optimist
  4. Conventionalist
  5. Materialist




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