NCERT Solution for class 5 English Marigold Unit 3 Chapter 1 My Shadow

NCERT Solution for class 5 English Marigold Unit 3 Chapter 1 My Shadow


My Shadow


Question:- 1. Who do you think your shadow looks like?

Solution:- My shadow looks like me.


  1. Why do you think your shadow jumps into bed before you can?

Solution:- Because when my body block light and make shadow, it appears faster than light.


  1. What time of the day do you think it is when your shadow is the tallest? Why?
  2. Morning
  3. Afternoon
  4. Night


Solution:- I think my shadow is the tallest in the morning because sun rays comes slanting during sunrise.


  1. Read the lines from the poem and answer the following.
  • He is very very like me.
  • From the heels up to the head!

(i) Who does he refer to?

(ii) Who does me refer to?

(iii) Why are he and me alike?


Solution:- (i) He here refers to the Shadow of the child.

(ii) Me here refers to the child in the poem.

(iii) He and me are alike because they look very much similar to each other.


  1. Let’s Talk

What would you do if

  1. A dog chases you?


  1. You have forgotten your homework copy at home?


  1. You are alone in a room and the lights go off?



Solution:- 1. I would run as fast as possible despite knowing that we should never do it.

  1. I would accept my mistake and would immediately apologise to my teacher.
  2. I would immediately light a candle to get rid of darkness.


  1. Fun Time
  2. Shine a torch behind your hand and see its shadow on the wall.
  3. Move the torch a little away from your hand and see the shadow on the wall.

Do you find a difference in the size of the hand on the wall?


Solution:- Yes, I notice the size of the hand becomes smaller as the torch is moved away from it.


Working Together

Question 1.

Work in groups of five.

Make a large hand on a plain sheet.

Mark the names of fingers, thumb and palm on the hand. Use the hints given in the box.

fore            middle               ring            small              thumb


NCERT Solution for class 5 English Marigold Unit 3 Chapter 1 My Shadow

Question 2.

Do the actions as given below, and observe which part, or fingers, of your hand is being used.


Actions Part or fingers of your hand being used

point at a door

bounce a ball

scratch your chin

twist your ear

comb your hair

draw with a pencil

touch a flower            






Part used

point at a door


bounce a ball


scratch your chin

nails or fingers

twist your ear

forefinger and thumb

comb your hair

fingers and thumb

draw with a pencil

Thumb, forefinger and middle finger

touch a flower



  1. Let’s Write


  1. Fill in the blanks using one of the words given in brackets.

(i) Where is the child ____________ parents have come to school?(who / whose / which)

(ii) I saw many houses ___________ were quite spacious. (which / whose / who)

(iii) Mathematics, ____________ is my favourite subject, is so interesting. (who / which / what)

(iv) The poem __________ you read out, is so lovely. (whose / which / that)

(v) I know the street ___________ he lives on. (whose /  that / which)

(vi) I like reading books ___________ have pictures in it. (that / who / which)

(vii) The old lady ___________ I met in your house is  my  neighbour. (whom / that / which)


Solution: (i) Where is the child whose parents have come to school?

(ii) I saw many houses which were quite spacious.

(iii) Mathematics, which is my favourite subject, is so interesting.

(iv) The poem that you read out, is so lovely.

(v) I know the street which he lives on.

(vi) I like reading books which have pictures in it.

(vii) The old lady whom I met in your house is my neighbour.


  1. Complete this description by answering the questions below.

(i) What do you think is the name of the dog?

(ii) Why is she called that?

(iii) What colour is she?

(iv) Do you think she is friendly?

(v) What does she like to eat?

Write a few lines on Mithoo and his little dog named Shadow.


Solution: (i) I think the name of the dog is ‘Shadow’.

(ii) She is called Shadow because she follows Mithoo everywhere like a shadow.

(iii) She is of off-white colour.

(iv) Yes, I think she is very friendly.

(v) She likes to eat bones and bread.