My Favourite Bird Peacock Essay in English

  1. In this world we can see many birds flying around us but my favourite bird is Peacock.
  2. it is the most beautiful and colourful bird on the earth.
  3. It is the national bird of India.
  4. It has long, shiny, dark blue neck and a crown on its head.
  5. It loves rainy season very much.
  6. In this season it spread its feathers and dance.
  7. Its dance presents a very beautiful and graceful sight.
  8. Its long and Multicoloured feathers are used to make many beautiful and decorative things.
  9. It can fly for only very short distances.
  10. It is a good friend of farmers as it feeds on insects and worms and helps in keeping the field free of insects that harm their crops.
My Favourite Bird Peacock Essay in English