My Best Friend 10 Lines

10 Lines on My Best Friend
  1. Luckily! I have Shiv, he is my best friend.
  2. He reads in my class in my school and in my section.
  3. He is very good at studies and always scores good marks in the class.
  4. We sit, study, and play together at school.
  5. He is very decent and intelligent.
  6. Everyone says that I and my best friend complement each other.
  7. He is very obedient and soft-spoken.
  8. He comes from a respected family.
  9. He takes interest in sports and other co-curricular activities.
  10. I always pray to God to keep him safe and healthy forever.

Another way of writing My Best Friend 10 Lines

My Best Friend
  1. I have lots of friends but Pooja is my best friend.
  2. She studies in my school with me.
  3. She is a very bright student and always does his homework on time.
  4. We play together in school and in-home.
  5. She is very intelligent and helps me in my studies.
  6. We share our Tiffin box and enjoy it very much together.
  7. She is very kind-hearted to dogs.
  8. She is good at studies as well as in sports.
  9. She respects teachers and elders and obeys them.
  10. I like her company very much and feel blessed to have her in my life.