Homonyms Definition and Examples


Homonyms :- Homonyms are the word that are different meanings but are pronounced or spelled the same way.

Types of Homonyms

There are two types of homonyms:-

  1. Homophones
  2. Homographs

What are Homophones

Two words having different spellings and meaning but are similar in pronunciation are called homophones.

For Example:- 

1a.)rightसहीYou are right about him.
 b.)writeलिखोWe write blog on daily basis.
2a.)seaसमुद्रThe sea view from the balcony is outstanding.
 b.)seeले देखI can’t see anything.

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What are Homograph

Two words having same spellings, that are sometimes different in pronunciation and sometimes similar in pronunciation are called homophones.

1.   fine a)          very good
 b)         sharp or keen
 c)          delicate or subtle
 d)         a sum of money paid to settle a matter
2.   minute a)          60 seconds or 1/60th of an hour
 b)         extremely small
3.   subject a)          under some authority or control
 b)         to bring under authority or control
 c)          to make liable or vulnerable
 d)         a topic
 e)         the noun in a sentence about which something is said in the Predicate.

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