Homograph :- Two words having same spellings, that are sometimes different in pronunciation and sometimes similar in pronunciation are called homophones.

Some most common and Important Homographs

1.       Accent

a)         stress or emphasis


b)         a manner of speaking or pronunciation influenced by the region

in which one lives or grew up




2.       attribute

a)         a characteristic or quality


b)         to think of as belonging to or originating in some person, place

or thing




3.       axes

a)         the plural of ax or axe


b)         the plural of axis



4.       bass

a)         a deep voice or tone


b)         a kind of fish



5.       bat

a)         a piece of sporting equipment used in baseball


b)         a winged animal associated with vampires



6.       bow 

a)         to bend at the waist


b)         the front of a boat


c)          a pair of tied loops



7.       buffet 

a)         to hit, punch or slap


b)         a self-serve food bar



8.       bustier  

a)         an undergarment


b)         more busty



9.       compact  

a)         small


b)         to make small


c)          a small case for holding makeup



10.   compound  

a)         to mix or combine


b)         an enclosed area with a building or group of buildings inside



11.   content

a)          happy or satisfied



b)          all that is contained inside something





12.   contract  

a)          an agreement



b)          to get, acquire or incur





13.   coordinates  

a)          brings into proper place or order



b)          a set of numbers used to calculate position





14.   desert

a)          a hot, arid region



b)          to leave





15.   digest

a)          a condensed version of some information



b)         to change food in the stomach into a form that can be absorbed by the body







16.   discount

a)          a reduction in price



b)         to underestimate the significance of or give no credence to





17.   does

a)          female deer (plural)



b)         present, third person singular form of the verb “do”





18.   down  

a)          in a lower position



b)         soft, furry feathers





19.   entrance

a)          the place of entry



b)         to bewitch, delight or enrapture





20.   evening

a)          late afternoon



b)         making more even





21.   fine

a)          very good



b)         sharp or keen



c)          delicate or subtle



d)         a sum of money paid to settle a matter





22.   frequent

a)          occurring regularly



b)         to visit a place with regularity





23.   incense

a)          a substance that produces a pleasant odor when burned



b)         to infuriate or make very angry





24.   lead

a)          to go first with followers behind



b)         a type of metal





25.   minute

a)          60 seconds or 1/60th of an hour



b)         extremely small





26.   moped

a)          acted sad or gloomy



b)         a bicycle with a motor





27.   object

a)          a thing you can see or touch



b)         a goal



c)          a noun that receives the action of a verb



d)         to be opposed to





28.   proceeds

a)          advances or continues on



b)         the money or profit gained from some sale or venture





29.   produce

a)          to create or make



b)         fresh fruits and vegetables





30.   project

a)          a plan or proposal



b)         to throw or hurl forward



c)          to cause a shadow or image to fall upon a surface





31.   putting

a)          the present participle of put



b)         the present participle of putt





32.   number

a)          a numeral



b)         to count



c)          more numb





33.   refuse

a)          waste or garbage



b)         to reject or decline to accept





34.   row

a)          a fight



b)         to propel a boat forward using oars



c)          a line





35.   second

a)          1/60th of a minute



b)         after the first





36.   subject

a)          under some authority or control



b)         to bring under authority or control



c)          to make liable or vulnerable



d)         a topic



e)         the noun in a sentence about which something is said in the

f)           predicate






37.   tear

a)          to rip



b)         a drop of water from the eye





38.   wind

a)          to turn



b)         moving air





39.   wound

a)          turned



b)         an injury





40.   sewer

a)          drain  



b)         person who sews





41.   wave

a)              move the hand in greeting



b)              sea water coming into shore





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