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Smart contracts can easily check the amount of a bank account, but real-world conditions like weather changes, companies’ buy-sell events, political or legal decisions, contract details and force majeur events are much more complex. The system filtered large data sets and separated posts containing dissatisfaction with government or officials from dangerous statements aiming to induce unlawful actions. As a result, the author of each post is determined along with the author’s geographic location and the category of the post. At that time, we understand the urgency, scrupulousness and social importance of the topic, so our service intelligently solved the problem of complex classification of records with the definition of the probability of the inappropriate nature of each post.

  • The higher educational institutions are interested in working with the GraphGrail Ai database and platform, as well as offering the scientific work and efforts of their staff to the development of the project.
  • Although there have been attempts to study graphene since the mid-1800s, it wasn’t until 2004 when scientists discovered and isolated a single atomic layer of carbon for the first time.
  • Since 2014, the Smart Water Summit has been bringing Vendor Partners together with North American Water Utilities – in an intimate setting to begin updating technology and improving North American Water Utility Infrastructure.
  • Their availability allows the user to access additional functions, features and capabilities in a decentralized network.
  • With over 5 years of NLU experience, we are able to provide full range of data and neural network services.

A token is a unit of account in the blockchain network used to represent the digital balance of a certain asset. Accounting for tokens is based on technologies that are available through special applications using electronic signature algorithms. The main purpose of utility tokens is to pay for internal network services of a particular project.

Their availability allows the user to access additional functions, features and capabilities in a decentralized network. For example, Steemit users receive tokens for placing content, promoting or creating new features. Platform services are provided based on the SaaS business model — software as a service. A subscription model is used with a monthly, semiannual or annual subscription payment. We provide flexible tariff plans, depending on the volume of data processed per month, analytics, number of sources, etc. Thanks to the blockchain system, a decentralized marketplace for application is formed where tokens are issued for creation and improvement of language models.

How Graphs Enhance Artificial Intelligence, with Neo4j’s Amy Hodler

The filter was proved to be low-cost, removing 99% of impurities faster than other conventional filters without using chlorine. This is the latest exciting membranes development benfitting from the unique properties of graphene. The new research opens up an avenue for developing smart membrane technologies and could revolutionise the field of artificial biological systems, tissue engineering and filtration. Graph algorithms are a subset of data science algorithms created to analyze network structures so you can better understand complex systems and answer more complicated questions.

  • The system filtered large data sets and separated posts containing dissatisfaction with government or officials from dangerous statements aiming to induce unlawful actions.
  • It will extend the battery’s lifetime and will add conductivity without requiring the amounts of carbon that are used in conventional batteries.
  • G2O is a fast-growing technology business with a portfolio of products that reduce the cost and environmental impact of water treatment.
  • Such results were made possible thanks to the extensive experience that the GraphGrail Ai development team has in implementing AI solutions for businesses and government agencies.
  • Oracles fill this void by watching the blockchain (Ethereum, EOS, Bitshares) for events and responding to them by publishing the results of a query back to the contract.

GraphGrail Ai also has experience in launching a service for analysis of banking products. The system found bank products and related problems in their corresponding client reviews, including incompetence of employees, loan delinquency, mortgage loans, rudeness, problems with ATMs, problems with the internet services of bank, erroneous write-offs etc. After all, scientists have been engaged in cognitive technology development for more than 70 years. Two factors have coincided and have brought about this change — the growth of data volumes (the so-called big data) and the emergence of powerful processors capable of processing this data relatively quickly.

GraphGrail AI – Ai meets Blockchain

Graphy is an awesome free AI chart generator that lets you create charts easier than ever. When creating a chart, you can choose to either start from scratch or use the new AI-assisted mode. The AI assist mode lets you enter in a prompt describing your chart (main focus, types of data, etc), and then generates a chart layout which matches your intended purpose. Alternatively, you can also create your own chart style and enter in your data manually.

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Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink InfoSystem, a mobile app development company in New York, USA and India that holds the best team of skilled and expert app developers. She is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring latest technology trends, entrepreneur and startup column. The roots of the concept of “artificial intelligence” must be sought deep in the ancient world, where folklore, legends and myths in almost every culture spoke of artificially created creatures endowed with supernatural intelligence, consciousness or other human qualities. The only factor uniting the myths of the whole world is that artificial intelligence was always created by a man so passionate about his work that his brainchild went beyond the boundaries of matter and turned into life, sometimes surpassing man. Thanks to the procedure, users can monitor hashes to their blockchain and receive an appropriate reward for their work. The balance in demand and supply of Token on the platform is attained by setting flexible prices.

GRAPHIL: The Future of Innovative Portable Household Water Filters

When participants learn to solve a platform using Artificial Intelligence, a neural network is recorded on the blockchain system and peers in other cities can access and use it. This will be available through a chat-bot that needs Tokens for users to access and record the request. The owner of the contract will receive a reward while the buyer will save time and profit from the deal.


AI-based bots and machine learning applications are becoming popular to aid in client services in different sectors. For instance, after the realization of AI bots, financial institutions have incorporated the AI solutions to create an updated technical support and customer assistance systems. AI is a hot topic right now, and the situation is not about to change in the near future. GraphGrail Ai – is the Artificial Intelligence platform for Blockchain built on top of Natural Language Understanding technology with the DApps marketplace. It offers all necessary data preparation tasks, including text parsing, cleaning, our AI designer for building linguistic models, testing facilities, machine learning and neural network tuning, and a decentralized app marketplace to make money with the platform. GraphGrail Ai, the world’s first AI-based natural language processing platform with a DApps marketplace is passing through its TGE stage and has already garnered the acclaim of several prominent rating agencies with high rankings.

The consortium is committed to the production of innovative filters for household water treatment. Learn how to leverage knowledge graphs, which are connected data graphs combined with iterative machine learning, to solve many enterprise challenges. From pointers to patterns to predictions, only Neo4j offers such breadth and depth of advanced graph analytics and data science capabilities in an integrated enterprise environment. “Building on GraphGrid saved years of engineering effort by accelerating our use of graph and AI services via simple APIs and SDKs with our current team and their existing skills.” Where the average user finds a financial bubble, most see the blockchain and cryptocurrency duality as a whole, although in reality they are interrelated in a completely different way. At its core, the blockchain technology can cause big changes in our daily life, eliminating many professions and making it almost impossible to delay banking operations.