Global Warming Causes and Effects

Definition of Global Warming

“Global warming is a progressive rise in the earth’s temperature induced by the greenhouse effect, which is caused by growing quantities of carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants in the atmosphere.

What is Global Warming and How Does It Affect Us?

The phenomena of steady increases in temperature near the earth’s surface is known as global warming. Over the last one or two centuries, this phenomena has been noticed. The earth’s climate pattern has been disrupted as a result of this alteration. The concept of global warming, on the other hand, is divisive, but scientists have produced evidence to support the fact that the earth’s temperature is steadily rising.

There are various factors that contribute to global warming, all of which have severe consequences for humans, plants, and animals. These factors could be natural or the result of human activity. It is critical to comprehend the harmful effects of global warming in order to address the challenges.

Global Warming Causes

The principal causes of global warming are as follows:

Global Warming’s Man-Made Causes


The primary source of oxygen is plants. They take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, allowing the environment to remain in balance. For a variety of home and commercial needs, forests are being depleted. This has caused an environmental imbalance, which has resulted in global warming.

Vehicles are used

Vehicle use, even for a short distance, produces a variety of gaseous pollutants. Vehicles utilise fossil fuels, which release a lot of carbon dioxide and other poisons into the atmosphere, causing a rise in temperature.


Humans have been releasing CFCs into the environment as a result of their excessive use of air conditioners and freezers, which has a negative impact on the ozone layer in the atmosphere. The ozone layer shields the earth’s surface from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. The use of CFCs has resulted in ozone layer depletion, allowing UV light to enter the atmosphere, raising global temperatures.

Development of Industry

The earth’s temperature has been rapidly rising since the onset of industrialization. The hazardous pollutants from factories contribute to the planet’s rising temperature.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded in 2013 that the global temperature increased by 0.9 degrees Celsius between 1880 and 2012. When compared to the pre-industrial mean temperature, the rise is 1.1 degrees Celsius.


Carbon dioxide and methane gas are produced by a variety of farming activities. These increase the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and hence raise the earth’s temperature.


As the population grows, so does the number of people breathing. As a result, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rises, which is the primary cause of global warming.

Global Warming’s Natural Causes


Volcanoes are one of the most significant natural causes of global warming. During volcanic eruptions, ash and smoke are sent into the atmosphere, affecting the temperature.

Vaporized water

A type of greenhouse gas is water vapour. As the earth’s temperature rises, more water evaporates from water bodies and remains in the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

Permafrost Melting

Wherever there are glaciers, there is permafrost. It’s a frozen earth that’s been trapped in environmental gases for years. As permafrost melts, gases are released back into the atmosphere, raising global temperatures.

Forest Fires

Forest fires, often known as forest blazes, produce a tremendous volume of carbon-containing smoke. These gases are released into the atmosphere, causing global warming by raising the earth’s temperature.

Global Warming’s Consequences

The following are the most significant consequences of global warming:

Temperatures are rising.

The earth’s temperature has risen dramatically as a result of global warming. The earth’s temperature has risen by 1 degree since 1880. This has resulted in an increase in glacier melting, which has resulted in a rise in sea level. This might have disastrous consequences for coastal areas.

The Ecosystem’s Threats

Coral reefs have been harmed by global warming, which could result in the extinction of plants and animals. The fragility of coral reefs has been exacerbated by rising global temperatures.

Changes in the Climate

Climate change has resulted as a result of global warming. Some areas are experiencing droughts, while others are experiencing floods. Global warming is to blame for this climatic imbalance.

Disease Transmission

Heat and humidity patterns alter as a result of global warming. This has resulted in the spread of diseases-carrying mosquitos.

A high rate of mortality

The average death toll frequently rises as floods, tsunamis, and other natural disasters become more common. Furthermore, such incidents have the potential to spread diseases that endanger human life.

Natural Habitat Degradation

Several plants and animals lose their habitats as a result of global climate change. In this situation, the creatures are forced to leave their native home, and many of them become extinct as a result. Another big effect of global warming on biodiversity is this.

Global Warming Causes and Effects


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