Essay on Winter Season

In India, winter is one of the most crucial seasons. It is one of the four seasons that India experiences. Winter is the coldest season, which begins in December and lasts until March. The months of December and January are the busiest when it comes to experiencing winter. Winters are extremely important in India. Furthermore, many individuals like the essence it possesses. Wintertime allows you to participate in a variety of activities such as snowball fights, snowman construction, ice hockey, and more. It’s a wonderful time for youngsters to relax and enjoy their vacations while snuggled up in their blankets.

Essence of Winter

During the winter, most schools take a break and close. The days are becoming shorter, but the nights are getting longer. The cool mornings give you a whole new feeling. During the winter, hot beverages such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are particularly popular. The sun rises late some days and does not rise at all others.
It doesn’t become too hot even when it does. The frigid weather sends shivers down people’s spines, so they want for some brightness. On the highways, you can see individuals burning wood and paper to keep warm. However, few individuals choose to go out in the cold. They enjoy spending the entire day in front of the fireplace or heater.
During the winter, residents in steep places endure snow. To create room for walking, they must shovel it out of the path. Christmas adds to the soul of the winter season. It is admired all around the world and establishes the festive mood for people. However, there is a drawback to this season. This season has the greatest impact on farmers, homeless people, and animals. Farmers are finding it difficult to make a living this season. The severe winters claim the lives of hundreds of homeless individuals. Because the animals do not have adequate shelter, they perish as well. Moreover, many flights are cancelled during this time of year. Nonetheless, this does not diminish the significance of winter. Maintaining a sense of equilibrium in our country’s weather is critical.

Why I Love Winter?

Winters are my favourite season. This time of year delivers a bounty of nutritious fruits and veggies. People can consume fresh grapes, apples, carrots, cauliflower, guava, and other fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, many lovely flowers blossom during this time of year. Roses, dahlias, and other flowers are among them. This adds to the beauty of winter, which is already stunning.

Apart from that, no lizards can be found because they are hibernating. This makes me very joyful and allows me to live without worry. Winter mornings, above all, are my favourite part of the season. In the winter, I enjoy getting up early and seeing the morning dew on flowers. Winters have a whole different mood than the rest of the year.

Our school also hosts a bonfire, which is one of the year’s most anticipated events.

Winter, in a nutshell, is just as vital as any other season. Sure, it has both bad and positive aspects, but that is true of every season. Winter allows you to take lengthy morning walks and enjoy the fresh air.