Essay on Summer Season

Summer Season Essay

The warmest season of the year is summer. The temperature has risen to the point that water is rapidly evaporating during this season. However, because children’s schools are closed over the summer, this is the most exciting season for them. Summers usually span from mid-March to late-June, but due to a monsoon delay, they can last until the first week of July.

Facts about the Summer Season

When the earth tilts towards the sun, the season begins, and when the earth tilts away from the sun, the season begins. The summer months in the southern hemisphere are December through February. The days are becoming warmer, while the nights are getting chilly. Aside from that, the days are longer and the nights are shorter.

This season, we have a wide range of fruits and vegetables to choose from. This is also the time of year when farmers prepare their fields for planting. Because there are no clouds to provide shade, the sky gets clearer. The sun is shining brightly.


Effects of Summer Season

Summer is hot for a variety of causes, including both natural and man-made influences. Many variations in climate are also caused by these reasons. Despite the fact that the season is so dry, the youngsters like it.
Furthermore, too much heat is harmful to various items and causes a slew of issues. Dehydration is one of the most prevalent problems it causes in humans. It can induce not just weakness and dizziness, but potentially death. As a result, we must drink enough of water to keep our bodies hydrated.
During this season, small ponds, rivers, and wells dry up. The groundwater level drops, and in some locations, drought conditions develop.

Who Enjoys Summer?

Although anybody may enjoy the summer in their own manner, children are the ones that enjoy it the most. They adore it since they have a lengthy summer vacation ahead of them, which they are looking forward to thoroughly.
They may also do anything they want, be anyone they want, and spend their days with their families playing and travelling. In the summer, most youngsters visit their grandparents or travel to a hill station in a chilly location to spend time with their families. When they don’t have to do any schoolwork on a daily basis, it’s the most pleasant time for them.
Furthermore, they engage in a variety of amusing and dirty activities. They become the ruler of their dreamland at this period.


Effects on Life

Humans, animals, and birds alike grow upset by the season. They prefer to stay indoors throughout the summer. It also makes going outside rather difficult. The temperature climbs to an uncomfortable level during the day.

What’s Good about Summer Season?

What’s Good about Summer Season? Aside from that, the market offers a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

To sum up, the summer season is not nearly as horrible as it appears. It’s the same as every other season. Summer, like every other season, may be enjoyed by finding the perfect ways, much like kids. Furthermore, the season is abundant in a wide range of fruits and vegetables, particularly the mango.

Long essay on Summer Season

Winter, spring, summer, and autumn are the four seasons of the year. Summer, however, is everyone’s most awaited and favourite season among all of them. Everyone wants to enjoy and relax throughout the summer. The summer season offers a wide range of activities. Summer vacations are quite popular. They can participate in a variety of activities, such as going on picnics, visiting resorts, and doing other things they enjoy. The weather is far too pleasant to travel.

Everyone is ecstatic about the arrival of summer. Everyone is looking forward to the arrival of summer. People have the opportunity to enjoy the sun and its warmth. People are free to walk outside and enjoy the sunshine. During the summer, people spend the majority of their time outside. They want to feel the scorching sun beams on their face and body, which refreshes them. Summer is ideal for students since they may take extended vacations during this time. They don’t have to go to school and may spend their holidays doing anything they like. They can participate in a variety of activities that they enjoy. Summer is a favourite season for children because it allows them to play outside. They can go to a pool, a park, or any other location where they can have fun. During the summer, there are several activities available for children. They can also go on a vacation with their friends and family.

People can also sit outside their homes and enjoy their time. And castles are ideal for a day at the beach in the summer. A suntan lotion dispenser will very certainly be seen by the pool. Summers are a great time of year packed with many traditional memories that spring into mind as soon as the term is said, from late afternoon thunderstorms to s’mores by the campfire with friends and family.

Summer, monsoon, autumn, winter, and spring are the different seasons of the year. Not just in our life, but also on our planet, significant changes occur with each season. Seasons serve as a reminder that change is unavoidable. India is one of the few countries in the world that has all six seasons throughout the year. Summer, monsoon, autumn, pre-winter, winter, and spring are the seasons. However, because to considerations such as latitude, longitude, terrain, and climatic conditions, these seasons differ from one place to the next. Throughout the year, each season is split into two months according to the Hindu calendar.


In a tropical nation like India, summer is one of the most important seasons. Summer begins in April and lasts until July 31st. Summer is typically linked with hot, dry conditions. During this season, the days are longer and the nights are shorter. During the summer months, the heat lasts from late morning through late at night.

These months are known as Jyeshta and Aashaadha in the Hindu calendar. The states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh in India experience summer since the tropic of cancer travels across the northern hemisphere. The temperature can reach 50 degrees Celsius in certain areas.


The days grow so hot and lengthy that people endure from excruciating heat from dawn to dusk. People’s commutes grow more challenging. The majority of the attendees are dressed in light dresses, sunglasses, and sandals. A scorching, dusty breeze blows at midday on certain days, making life even more uncomfortable. People prefer to spend their time indoors. This wind is known as ‘Loo’ in northern India, and it is dangerous to be exposed to it. The blazing heat of the sun has an impact on daily living during the day. This season has a plethora of challenges. The water in ponds and pools evaporates. The water level in wells decreases as well. There is a water shortage practically everywhere. In the summer, the challenges are exacerbated by a lack of trees and constant pollution. Sunstrokes are common among the elderly and the frail in hot weather. Birds and stray animals suffer greatly since they do not have enough water to drink. During this season, several health problems such as dysentery, dehydration, and diarrhoea are common. In the afternoons, the villages and cities appear desolate. Because of the sun’s boiling rays, everything grinds to a halt throughout the day. During this season, the nights become comfortable, and most activities are done after sunset.


It is the most desired season, especially among students, despite the numerous problems they endure. They’ve finished their final examinations, and now it’s vacation time for both them and their parents. To avoid the heat, many intend to visit their grandparents or go to destinations like hill stations. Some people also go to the beaches at night since they are really enjoyable. Many indoor activities are pursued by children. Swimming and other water sports are popular outside activities throughout this season, which makes it more bearable. Summer vacation is a great opportunity for students to try out new hobbies. The majority of youngsters attend summer programmes in colder locations.

Various types of plants grow all around us. This time of year, a wide variety of fruits and flowers are accessible. Mango is the most popular fruit throughout the summer months. In the summer, other fruits such as jackfruits, guavas, litchis, watermelons, and pineapples are plentiful.

Since they have awoken from their hibernation, we can witness many lovely animals and species prospering in our surroundings.

This season, cold beverages, ice creams, and watery fruit juices such as grapes, cucumber, and watermelon are in great demand. Cold meals, such as kulfis and chilled juices, are popular.

For farmers, this is a crucial time of year. They sow seeds for fresh crops since the environment is conducive to agricultural cultivation. They plant Zaid crops including as pumpkin, cucumber, and bitter gourd, among other things.

During this season, important festivities like as Buddha Purnima and the Rath Yatra are held. Baisakhi, Ram Navami, Raja Parva, and Hanuman Jayanti are among the more major festivals observed.


The hot and dusty summer season is actually a blessing in disguise. At this time, the searing rays of the sun evaporate the water from all bodies of water, signalling the start of the rainy season. During this season, low pressure is generated across India’s landmass, resulting in months of monsoon rain.


Summer, like all other seasons, has its own distinct characteristics. This season has both advantages and cons, but it is one that may be fully appreciated.