Essay on Rainy Season

Months of Rainy Season

The rainy season is referred to as’monsoon’ by the inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent. In addition, this season lasts around 3 to 4 months in India. Aside from that, the length of the rainy season varies greatly between countries and geographical places. Rainfall occurs throughout the year in certain regions, such as tropical rain forests, while it is rare in others, such as the Sahara Desert.

Reasons for Rainy Season

Although the rainy season is a recurring event caused by a shift in wind flow that delivers clouds and rainfall. When the earth’s surface temperature rises throughout the day, the surrounding air rises, forming a low-pressure zone. The moisture-laden winds from the oceans are pushed towards the land as a result. When the moisture and clods reach the ground, rain is precipitated. Above all, this cycle occurs in the region for a period of time, and the season is known as the rainy season.

Importance of Rainy Season

Rainy seasons are particularly important in nations like India, where agriculture employs a major portion of the population. In addition, India’s agriculture industry accounts for over 20% of the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). It also employs over 500 million people around the country.

As a result, monsoon is critical for the economic well-being of countries like India. Furthermore, the quality of rain has a significant impact on the harvest of vegetables. Apart from that, a healthy monsoon would generate good crops for the economy, whereas a bad monsoon might result in starvation and drought.

The rainy season is also important for maintaining groundwater levels and natural resource levels. Aside from that, all living and non-living things rely on natural water in some way or another, and the rainy season replaces that water so that it can last until the following season.

The persistent rain throughout the monsoon allows us to capture this runoff water using various rainwater gathering systems. Additionally, we may use the conserved water for a variety of uses or to recharge groundwater.

Rainy Season is Most Amazing Season of the Year


The rainy season is the most important and unquestionably enjoyable time of the year. Agriculture is also significantly more essential than any other material good for countries who regard agriculture to be the backbone of their economies. Aside from that, the season aids in the replenishment of freshwater, which revitalises the planet’s life.

It is also critical for all living forms on Earth, large and tiny. Rain provides a big volume of fresh water for this reason. Above all, if it does not rain, many green places of various demographics will become dry and desolate ground.