Difference Between Supercomputer and Mainframe Computer

Know the Difference Between Supercomputer and Mainframe Computer

Both of these types of computers are the most powerful to date. Supercomputers and Mainframe Computers differ fundamentally in terms of size, performance, operations, and other factors. We’ll talk about it in this article. But first, let’s get a basic understanding of both of them.

Both sorts of computers have distinct functions. Supercomputers are primarily used to do more difficult mathematical calculations at a quicker rate. On the other hand, the mainframe computer serves as a server. It has multiprogramming, a wide number of I/O devices, and support for huge databases (databases).


What is a Supercomputer?

When it comes to computer sizes, these are the most substantial. As a result, they are the most costly on the market. Seymour Cray is credited with inventing the supercomputer. These aid in a variety of complicated and large-scale mathematical operations. Their speed is also rather great when compared to mainframe computers. It means that a supercomputer may potentially execute billions of instructions in a single second (or floating-point instructions).


What is a Mainframe Computer ?

These computers are likewise quite sophisticated, although they are far smaller than supercomputers in terms of size. In addition, mainframe computers have a slower processing speed and can store vast volumes of data. These computers are reasonably priced and perform well at simple tasks. The first mainframe computer was created by IBM. It executes millions of instructions at the same time, although at a slower rate than supercomputers. Even yet, these are rather quick.



Difference Between Supercomputer and Mainframe Computer



Mainframe Computer


Basics and Implementation

A supercomputer’s principal role is to do numerous big mathematical computations, some of which are difficult in nature.

A mainframe computer’s principal job is to store massive volumes of data in databases.


In 1976, Seymour Cray created the Cray 1, the first successful supercomputer.

The first mainframe computer was created by IBM. It is still the most well-known business that creates these machines.


These are capable of doing billions of floating-point operations in a single second.

These machines are capable of simultaneously executing millions of commands.


These are the world’s biggest computers up to this point.

These are likewise quite massive, although not as large as supercomputers.


Computers of this sort are the most costly in the world.

These are also more expensive than the vast majority of computers, but less expensive than supercomputers.

OS ( operating System)

Linux and its derivatives are used by supercomputers (especially contemporary ones).

A typical mainframe computer may run many operating systems at the same time.


These machines are substantially quicker and perform lot better. Their capacity to do billions of operations per second is the reason behind this.

They can conduct millions of tasks at the same time, although they are slower and less efficient than supercomputers.



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