Current Affairs 13 June 2022

Current Affairs 13 June 2022

In competitive tests, current affairs, as well as static awareness, are significantly weighted. The examination questions have been changed in format. The focus of the examiner has shifted away from rote memorization and toward intellectual clarity. Due to the abundance of current events sources, daily current affairs reading may be time-consuming. We’ve put together an overview of the most important current events of the day to help you prepare and save time. In this post, ALLSOL.IN gives daily GK and current affairs; you can also download all significant news in PDF format. You can also use Current Affairs Quizzes to keep track of your progress.

Q1. When is World Child Labor Prohibition Day celebrated

– 12 June

Q2. Which state government has started “YR Yantra Seva Yojana” recently

– Andhra Pradesh

Q3. Who has recently launched EASE 5.0 ‘Common Reforms Agenda”

– Nirmala Sitharaman

Q4. Recently who has been appointed as MNREGA Lokpal

– NJ Ojha

Q5. What is the name of India’s first COVID-19 vaccine to be launched for animals

– Anocovax

Q6. Which of the following country has been elected as a non-permanent member of UNSC for 2023 2024

– Japan, Ecuador and Malta, Mozambique and Sweetland

Q7. Which agency has announced to launch “DAVINCI Mission 2029”


Q8. The world’s first “right to repair” law for digital electronics has been passed by the legislature of which country

– America

Q9. Recently the first road bridge between Russia and which country has been unveiled

– China

Q10. Recently which state has got 12 new conservation reserves and 3 wildlife sanctuaries

– Maharashtra

Current Affairs 13 June 2022