Best Book for Banking Exam Preparation

The Top 10 Preparation Books

The following are some of the best books for both the Preliminary and Main IBPS PO exams.

1. Comprehensive Guide to IBPS – Disha Publications

This is one of the best all-purpose books. This book can be used to prepare for both the preliminary and main exams. Disha Publications is the publisher.

It includes more than 800 pages and costs roughly Rs 600/-.

The thoroughly revised & updated 12th edition of “comprehensive guide to IBPS-CWE Bank PO Exam” Has been designed strictly for the IBPS Bank PO Prelim & Mains exams. This new edition incorporates new chapters/ variety of questions as per IBPS PO 2021/ 2022 exams. This new edition further removes chapters that are no longer relevant for the exam. The book covers all the sections of the Preliminary & main PO exams – English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, data analysis & Data Interpretation, Reasoning Ability, Computer Aptitude, and Banking knowledge & General Awareness and current updates. The book provides well illustrated theory with exhaustive fully solved examples for learning. This is followed with an exhaustive collection of solved questions in the form of Exercise. The book incorporates last 6 years IBPS PO question papers with solutions in the respective chapters. A total of 4500+ MCQs with 100% explanations to quant, Reasoning & English sections. Study material for Banking/ economics financial Awareness with Past years’ Questions & Practice Questions is covered in the book. Also cover high level questions on IBPS PO 2021 exam pattern.

2. Quantitative Aptitude by R S Aggarwal

This is a broad book that can be used for any type of quantitative aptitude test. It is not specifically developed for the IBPS PO test, however it is excellent for answering Quantitative Aptitude problems.

It could set you back Rs 400/-.

About the Book
Ever since its release in 1989, Quantitative Aptitude has come to acquire a special place of respect and acceptance among students and aspirants appearing for a wide gamut of competitive exams. Now, more than a quarter of a century later, with the ever changing environment of examinations, the book too reinvents itself while being resolute to its core concept of providing the best content with easily understandable solutions.

Key Feature:
• Comprehensive: The book is more comprehensive than ever before with more than 5500 questions (supported with answers and solutions—a hallmark of Quantitative Aptitude).
• Easy to follow: Chapters begin with easy-to-grasp theory complemented by formulas and solved examples. They are followed by a wide-ranging number of questions for practice.
• Latest & Updated: With questions (memory based) from examinations up till year 2016, the book captures the latest examination patterns as well as questions for practice.

3. Arihant Publications’ The Complete Success Package – Bank PO Recruitment Examination

It is a comprehensive bundle that includes both the preliminary and main exams. The book is priced at roughly Rs 350/-.

Anju Aggarwal and SC Gupta co-wrote the book.

Each public sector bank has its own central recruitment cell which conducts written competitive examination for various posts in the bank. This book has been designed to work as the success package for the written examination conducted by various banks for the post of Probationary Officers.
The present book been divided into six sections namely English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, Computer Aptitude, Marketing Aptitude and Banking Awareness, each divided into number of chapters. Each section has been covered comprehensively with ample number of solved problems. Each problem has been solved in detail with authentic solutions for effective understanding of the concepts. The questions covered in the book have been designed strictly according to the current test pattern of the bank PO exams. Also each chapter end with a practice exercise which will help the aspirants revise for the syllabi topic-wise and chapter wise. Hints and solutions to the practice sets have also been given along with the exercises. The book also contains a special and updated section on general awareness to keep the aspirants updated with the latest news and happenings. Descriptive and mock tests have also been provided in the book to help candidates self analyze their level of preparation for the upcoming Bank PO Recruitment Exams. The book also contains solved papers of recently held Bank PO recruitment exams to help candidates know the current examination pattern and types of questions asked therein.
As the book contains ample preparation material and also solved papers of recently conducted bank PO exams, it for sure will act as the best study package for several Bank PO Recruitment Exams.

4. Kiran Publication’s Objective Computer Knowledge & Literacy

Kiran Publications has a great book for objective computer understanding and literacy. It’ll set you back roughly Rs 160.00.

Over 2000 objective questions are included in the book.

5. Disha Publications’ Target IBPS PO

The book contains about 340 pages and comes with a CD. With 15 objective and descriptive tests, the book is fairly compact.

It’s possible that the book would set you back roughly Rs 250.

Target IBPS Bank Preliminary and Main PO/MT Exam 20 Practice Sets Workbook with 4 Online Tests is the thoroughly revised and updated 5th Edition exclusively written for the IBPS PO/MT Exam.
• The book provides 20 Practice Sets – 5 Preliminary Exam Tests + 15 Main Exam Mains Tests (11 in the book and 4 in the CD) designed exactly on the pattern of the latest IBPS Bank PO Exam.
• The Preliminary Test contains all the 3 sections – Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Aptitude and English Language as per the latest pattern.
• The Main Mains Test contains all the 5 sections – English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, Computer Knowledge and General Awareness as per the latest pattern.
• The book provides Response Sheet for each Practice test.
• A Test Analysis and Feedback Sheet has been provided for each test to do a Post-Test Analysis after each test. It is this analysis which will highlight your strong and weak areas.
• The book has been empowered with Online Tests which provides 4 Mock Tests with Insta Results, so as to provide an ONLINE cum REAL-TIME exposure to the students.
• These tests will provide the results and solutions immediately after the students submit a test.
• The solution to the 16 sets are provided at the end of the book.
• The book also provides detailed solutions to the 2011-2015 question papers along with the descriptive tests.

6. Upkar Publication’s N K Singh’s Quantitative Aptitude Test for Bank PO

The book is quite inexpensive, costing only Rs 350/-.

The book also includes exam papers from the previous ten years.

Table of Contents Average Time and Distance Area Numbers Decimal Fraction Unitary Method Square Root and Cube Root Simplification Ratio and Proportion Logarithm H.C.F. and L.C.M. Series Permutation and Combination Simple Interest Compound Interest Problems Based on Ages Percentage Profit and Loss Time and Work Probability Partnership Volume and Surface Area Races and Games of Skill Odd Man Out and Series Calendar Chain Rule Boats and Streams Trains Pipes and Cisterns Alligation or Mixture Stock and Shares True Discount Banker?s Discount Data Analysis Tabulation Miscellaneous Exercise-I Miscellaneous Exercise-II Miscellaneous Exercise-III Miscellaneous Exercise-IV Miscellaneous Exercise-V Miscellaneous Exercise-VI Miscellaneous Exercise-VII Miscellaneous Exercise-VIII

7. English Language by Wren & Martin

This book has nothing to do with IBPS Bank PO, yet it is a fantastic resource for English questions.

It’s a great book to read if you want to improve your English.

8. Bank PO Solved papers for PO & MT – Kiran Publication

This book is also useful for MT and PO employment. The book costs around Rs 600/- and includes English as well.

There is also a book that contains solely solved papers from the last five years.


9. BSC Publication’s M Tyra for IBPS PO

BSC Publication has produced a fantastic book.

Magical Book On Quicker Maths is a preparatory book on mathematics for various competitive examinations, like, SSC, UPSC, CPO, LIC, GIC and UTI among others. The aim of this book is not only to acquaint the students with various types of problems given in these examinations and how to solve them, but also to teach the students effective ways to tackle each of the problems faster and more effectively. As known to all, cracking the competitive examinations is as much about knowing the correct answer as it is about time management. Manoj Tyra, therefore, teaches through this book certain easy-to-understand concepts that help the candidates solve even the most complex problems easily and correctly. To this effect, Tyra also explains each concept in clear and easily understandable words so that students belonging from the non-mathematical background, too, do not have a difficult time in understanding them. Certain problems also contain detailed illustrations that lend visual clarity to the explanations. The book has been neatly divided into various chapters and contains clear introduction on different mathematical topics, the important derivations and formulae that aid in understanding the core concept of the subject and solve the questions faster yet correctly. Apart from this, the book also features solved questions of sums that have appeared in the past years in various competitive examinations. Likewise, there remains a list of probable questions (fully solved with proper illustrations) for the students. Thanks to the importance given to Vedic mathematics, this book remains an ideal guide book for all types of competitive examinations

30 Practice Sets IBPS Bank Clerk Pre Exam 2021

This book is useful for general knowledge such as finance, computing, and current events. It’s possible that the book would cost you around Rs 250 or less.

So there you have it, some of the top publications to help you pass the IBPS PO Exams.

“1. Bank Buddy’ is an exam oriented series for IBPS exams
2. The book provides with 30 practice sets of IBPS Bank Clerk
3. The book is divided into 3 main sections
4. Qualifiers: 10 sectional tests for English, Numeral Ability and Reasoning Ability
5. Knock Outs: 20 Full lengths practice sets
6. Real Nuts:3 Previous years papers

IBPS has recently announced 5830 clerical cadre posts that are to be recruited for the year 2021-22.

Keeping in mind the exact need and expectations of banking, ‘Bank Buddy’ is an exam oriented book series for IBPS exams.

The book “IBPS Bank Clerk Pre Exam – 30 practice sets” is strategically designed to provide the systematic practice to aspirants giving different elements arranged orderly in different sections. Section 1 – The Qualifiers Round: Contains 10 sectional tests for each English, Numerical Ability and Reasoning section, giving equal grip on all the section, Section 2 – The Knock Out Round: Consists of 20 Question papers, for the real time practice to aspirants, after completing Qualifiers round. Section 3 – The Real Nuts: Contains Last Years’ Papers of IBPS Bank Clerk, giving the exact idea of the level and pattern of the exam. Answers with detailed explanations are provided for every question and in each section for quick revision of concepts. Practice done from this book can prove to be a perfect tool for the upcoming IBPS Clerk exam.