Bank Passbook Missing Letter

Bank Passbook Missing Letter

B 250/1-A, Dwarka Sector 1

Delhi – 59

Date: 13th June 2022


The Branch Manager

State Bank of India

Dwarka Branch


Subject: Request to Issue a New Bank Passbook

Respected Sir,

I am Pratima Tiwari, and I have a savings account in your Dwarka branch with account number 324XXXXXXX. I would like to inform you that my bank passbook was lost while I was travelling from Janakpuri to Dwarka in a cab. I believe I might have dropped it in a cab or somewhere in between by mistake. Therefore, I kindly request that you kindly issue me a new bank passbook for the account. You may deduct the applicable charges from my account.I will be highly grateful for your kind help.


Thanks in advance.



Pratima Tiwari

Contact: 88007119XX

Bank Passbook Missing Letter