Autumn Season Essay

Autumn Season Essay

Autumn is one of the year’s four major seasons. Autumn is the transitional season between summer and winter, as it falls between the two. Autumn arrives at different times in various parts of the globe.

This season is observed in our nation from September through November. Every season has its own distinct characteristics. Autumn is also called as ‘fall,’ since the leaves on the trees begin to fall. Due to a lack of rain, leaves begin to dry up, fall, and new leaves emerge in the winter.

Everything changes colour from green to yellow in the autumn. Trees and grass become yellow, and the earth’s surface is covered in fallen leaves. Autumn has its own special charm.

This is the time of year when animals begin to prepare for the coming winter. Cuckoos, for example, move to warmer climates. Squirrels and mice, for example, begin to save food. During the winter, they do not emerge from their tunnels and only eat the food that has been stored. In the winter, animals such as bears and turtles seek for a warm location to hibernate.

Autumn is an excellent time to plant veggies and fruits. This season’s presents include carrots, cauliflower, beans, apples, grapes, and oranges. In our nation, autumn celebrations such as Durga Puja and Garba are held.

This season reveals a whole different side of nature. Everyone enjoys the weather during this season since it is mild. Even though the leaves fall, the autumn season teaches us that fresh leaves will eventually replace them.