10 Lines on My Father

10 Lines on My Father
  1. My father is my hero and the best person in my life.
  2. His name is Mr. ________________
  3. He is a senior Engineer by profession.
  4. He is a much disciplined and dutiful person.
  5. He is a real advisor of me in my life.
  6. He is a person with positive thoughts.
  7. He is my guardian, caretaker and protector in adversity
  8. He helps me and my younger sister in our studies every day.
  9. My father taught me to be brave and independent.
  10. I love my father very much and I want to become like him one day.
Few More Sentences which you can use to describe your father.
  • He solves all our issues happily but never lets his problems come to us.
  • He respects my mother and also helps her in household chores whenever he gets time.
  • Despite having such a busy schedule, he always spend quality time with us.
  • He teaches us good etiquette, humanity and ethics of life.