10 Lines on Mother’s Day

  1. Mother’s day is celebrated on Second sunday of May each year.
  2. Mother’s Day started in the United States in 1908.
  3. All US States celebrated Mother’s Day as a holiday in 1911.
  4. Different countries of the world celebrate Mother’s day on different dates.
  5. Though the dates differ in different countries, the excitement of celebration remains the same everywhere.
  6. It is celebrated to express gratitude to our mothers for their love and care.
  7. We should always praise our mothers for their unconditional love.
  8. Mothers are creators of mankind.
  9. Children prepare handmade greeting cards for their mother and also prepare special cakes on the day.
  10. People make their mother feel special on occasion.
  11. Mother’s day is about doing something that can make our mothers feel proud on us.
  12. I absolutely love my mother and wish her a happy Mother’s Day every year.
  13. We go to shopping and play games on mother’s day.
  14. I make cards and give her chocolates to wish her.
  15. I help her in every work.
  16. I love this day because we celebrate it very happily.
  17. The earth is also known as mother nature since it gives birth to everything on the planet.
  18. We should also look after it too.
  19. Schools also organise cultural programs for mothers on this day.
  20. Mothers should not be loved and respected only on a specific date but all every day. 
10 Lines on Mother’s Day

Current Affairs 1 May 2022