10 Lines on Independence Day Essay

10 Lines on Independence Day Essay
  1. Independence Day is a national festival.
  2. In India it is celebrated on 15 August every year.
  3. On this day our country India got freedom after nearly 200 years of slavery of the British.
  4. On this day we remember the sacrifice of the our martyrs.
  5. On this Day our Prime Minister hoists the our flag Tricolor at the Red Fort, Delhi.
  6. On the 14th of August, a day before the 15th of August, different types of dances, plays  and tableaux are performed in schools.
  7. Patriotic songs and movies are broadcasted in all the tv channels on this day.
  8. People decorate their houses, streets, schools with national flags to show their Patriotism.
  9. The day is celebrated by all Indian with great patriotism and zest.
  10. We must respect our freedom and feel proud on it .