10 Lines on Independence Day Essay

10 Lines on Independence Day Essay

10 Lines on Independence Day Essay
  1. Independence Day is a national festival.
  2. In India it is celebrated on 15 August every year.
  3. On this day our country India got freedom after nearly 200 years of slavery of the British.
  4. On this day we remember the sacrifice of the our martyrs.
  5. On this Day our Prime Minister hoists the our flag Tricolor at the Red Fort, Delhi.
  6. On the 14th of August, a day before the 15th of August, different types of dances, plays  and tableaux are performed in schools.
  7. Patriotic songs and movies are broadcasted in all the tv channels on this day.
  8. People decorate their houses, streets, schools with national flags to show their Patriotism.
  9. The day is celebrated by all Indian with great patriotism and zest.
  10. We must respect our freedom and feel proud on it .

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Short Essay on Indian Independence Day

Title: Indian Independence Day – Celebrating Freedom

Indian Independence Day is a special day for all Indians. It’s celebrated on August 15th every year. This day is important because it marks the day when India became free from British rule in the year 1947.

Before 1947, India was under the control of the British. People had to follow their rules and laws. Many Indians felt sad because they couldn’t make their own decisions. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru worked hard to free India from British rule. They inspired people to stand up for their rights and to peacefully protest against the British.

The freedom struggle was not easy. Many people, young and old, joined hands to fight for India’s independence. They marched in rallies, organized strikes, and even went to jail for the sake of their country’s freedom. Mahatma Gandhi used nonviolent methods like protests, fasting, and marches to show that Indians wanted to be free but in a peaceful way.

On August 15, 1947, India finally became an independent nation. This day is now celebrated with great enthusiasm and pride. People all over India hoist the national flag, which has three colors: saffron, white, and green. These colors represent courage, peace, and prosperity. People also sing the national anthem, which fills them with a sense of unity and love for the country.

Independence Day celebrations happen in schools, colleges, and offices. There are parades and cultural programs where people showcase their talents through dances, songs, and skits. Children often dress up as famous leaders and speak about their lives. People also light up the sky with colorful fireworks, adding sparkle to the celebrations.

Independence Day is a time to remember the sacrifices of those who fought for our freedom. It’s a time to feel proud of being an Indian and to be grateful for the freedom we enjoy today. It’s also a reminder that we should work together to make our country even better.

Indian Independence Day is a day of joy, unity, and pride. It reminds us of the struggles our ancestors faced and the freedom they achieved. It’s a day to celebrate the spirit of India and the feeling of being united as a nation. Let’s remember the importance of freedom and work towards making our country a better place for everyone.