10 Lines on Dussehra Festival in English

10 Lines on Dussehra Festival in English
  1. Dussehra is one of the famous festivals of Hindus.
  2. It is also known as Vijaydashmi.
  3. It is celebrated in the month of September or October.
  4. It is a 10 day festival which comes after 9 days of Navratri.
  5. It is one of the festivals that celebrate the victory of good over evil in Hindu religion.
  6. On this day Lord Rama had killed demon King Ravana.
  7. It comes 20 days prior to the famous festival Diwali.
  8. Fairs are organised to celebrate this festival where the effigy of demon Ravana, Kumbhkaran and Meghnath and burnt on this day.
  9. These effigies which are filled with explosives when aimed with an arrow gives splendid fireworks and stunning views.
  10. To enjoy the festival with full enthusiasm Ramleela is a held for all 10 days.