10 Lines Essay on Christmas

10 Lines Essay on Christmas

  1. Christmas is a famous festival of Christians.
  2. It is celebrated on 25th December every year.
  3. It is also known as ‘biggest day’.
  4. On this day Christians’ God Lord Jesus Christ was born.
  5. It is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world.
  6. On this festival people decorate their homes with Christmas tree and with very colorful lights.
  7. Kids believe that Santa Claus appear on this day to give them their desirous gifts.
  8. Elders dresses up as Santa Claus and share gifts with kids, friends and relatives.
  9. Prayer takes place till 12 o’clock at night in the church.
  10. It is the festival of love, harmony, peace, and brotherhood.
10 Lines Essay on Christmas

Long essay on Christmas

Every year on December 25, people celebrate Christmas. The event celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ on his birthday. In Christian mythology, Jesus Christ is worshipped as God’s Messiah. As a result, among Christians, his birthday is one of the most joyous occasions. Although the event is mostly observed by Christians, it is one of the most widely observed festivals worldwide. Christmas is a time of joy and love. Everyone, regardless of their religious status, celebrates it with zest and enthusiasm.

The Christmas season, which begins with Thanksgiving, brings joy and festivity to everyone’s lives. Thanksgiving is a day when people praise God for providing them with a plentiful harvest and express gratitude for all the good things and people in their lives. On Christmas, people exchange Merry Christmas greetings and pray that the day would be free of all negativity and evil.

Christmas is a cultural and traditional holiday. The festival necessitates extensive planning. For the most part, Christmas preparations begin early. Christmas preparations entail a variety of tasks, including the purchase of decorations, food, and gifts for family and friends. On Christmas Day, most people wear white or red-colored clothing.

The festivities begin with the setting up of a Christmas tree. The most important aspect of Christmas is the decoration and lighting of the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is a man-made or natural pine tree that is decorated with lights, fake stars, toys, bells, flowers, and gifts, among other things. People also conceal gifts for their family and friends. Gifts are traditionally buried under the tree in socks. It is a long-held belief that on Christmas Eve, a saint named Santa Claus appears and hides presents for well-behaved children. Everyone’s face lights up when they see this fictitious character.

Christmas is especially exciting for young children because they receive gifts and delicious Christmas delicacies. Chocolates, cakes, pastries, and other goodies are among the treats. On this day, people go to churches with their relatives and friends to light candles in front of Jesus Christ’s idol. Fairy lights and candles are used to decorate churches. People frequently make elaborate Christmas cribs and decorate them with gifts, lights, and other decorations. Children sing Christmas carols and act out various acts to commemorate the joyous occasion. “Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle all the way” is one of the most well-known Christmas carols.

On this day, individuals share Christmas stories and recollections with one another. On this day, it is thought that Jesus Christ, God’s son, came to Earth to put an end to people’s sorrow and misery. The wise men and shepherds’ visits are symbolic of kindness and happiness, and they are reflected in his visit. Christmas is, without a doubt, a magnificent celebration dedicated to bringing joy and happiness. As a result, it is also my personal favourite festival.